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17 September 2015 @ 03:40 am
Welcome to SKITH's Livejournal. Here is a friendly note for all to take notice of :


✉ Email : sk_ith@hotmail.com
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18 January 2015 @ 02:16 am
A Messsage From Junsu's Father to SKITH

"Be healthy and Happy New Year. I love you ^.^"

Thank you Junsu's father for writing us such lovely message! ^-^ & of course, thank you Ada for bringing this precious message from Korea to Singapore!^-^
The project for XIA JUNSU ASIA TOUR in BANGKOK has been carried out successfully and it is now time to conclude everything!

Here are some videos taken by one of our committee member. Enjoy!

Fallen Leaves

Once again, we would like to thank each and every fan for any help they have given. We would also like to extend our thanks to SharingYoochun!

Till the next event/project, see you!
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Hi everyone!
Here's the update for the fan support that we are doing for XIA Junsu 1st Asia Tour 2012 in Bangkok

This is the final design of the hand-held banner

Please help to spread this around,in order for this fan support to be a success! Thankyou!
Hi everyone!

SKITH is back with a new fan support project collaborated with Xiahick (Hong Kong) and Junternity (China) for Junsu's upcoming Asia Tour Concert, "XIA Junsu 1st Asia Tour 2012" to show our support for Junsu! :D

Here's the link to the poll.

Please help us to vote for the final design for the hand-held banner by 15 May, 23:59pm! Thank you! :D

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Hi all!

Just an update of what SKITH worked on for the fanparty on 4 Dec :)
This time, SKITH made and distributed our signature slap-on wristbands both at the airport and at the fanparty venue itself. 
We hope everyone managed to get one for yourself from our members on either day!
Here's a peek at the work that went into this project:

after cutting~

the products :D

SKITH prepared a total of 2000 red wristbands to be distributed!

At the airport~

At the Pen B queue~
side-project :)Collapse )
We hope everyone had a great time at the fanparty (we know we did! :D)
Do keep supporting us and look forward to our next project~
02 November 2011 @ 11:49 pm
Hello all!

We will be giving out our exclusive red wristbands for the the fan party in SG!!

We'll update more along the way so watch out for updates :)
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